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About Stallion Projects

About Stallion Projects

Stallion Projects is a Sydney based experienced construction company and is a rising sun in custom built residential homes. In short period of time, Stallion Projects have earned recognition for undertaking complex architectural projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technology and carefully crafting dream homes of our clients.

At Stallion, we believe in value engineering throughout all phases of the project and provide advice on alternative products, methods and approaches to get luxury feeling for your new home and in true sense making it affordable.

Using the latest production and building technology, we offer customised, professional service in a cost-effective and timely approach without compromising on quality. The stability of our work force, both in office and on field crews including subcontractors are unmatched in the industry. By controlling the growth of our firm, we are able to give more attention to detail to completing your project. You can trust Stallion Projects to successfully, ethically and safely complete your dream homes.

Our vision

To give our clients the best service by providing personalized attention in all phases of the project. Our team works hard to ensure each project is a success and every customer is satisfied with our work.

Commencement of the Business

In 2016 with over more than 15 years’ experience in local Construction and Engineering industry seeing an opportunity for growth, four technocrats joined together to establish Stallion Projects. The company achieved consistent growth through its core values of customer satisfaction, innovation and value for money in custom built residential market.

Superior Quality And Workmanship

Stallion Projects are well known in their capacity to deliver the highest quality construction projects. We only use professional, qualified tradesmen’s who help deliver the best possible quality. All our projects come with a 6 year structural guarantee that ensures our customers are confident in the future quality of their brand new homes.

Delivering On Our Clients Expectations

At Stallion we value your expectations of new homes. We share the journey with our clients and ensure our customers are satisfied during every step of the construction process. We are committed to ensuring the delivery of our construction projects are produced in a timely, cost efficient and of the highest quality.

No Surprises

Stallion Projects work on early risk identification and implement risk mitigation strategies in coordination with home owners to avoid any surprises during project stage. At Stallion we believe in working on fixed price contract. Please discuss with our team to understand the seamless process of no variation approach.

Management Team

Stallion’s core management team consists of Four Directors with more than 15 years’ experience in Construction industry involved in Design, Project, Site Management, Procurement and Contracts negotiations.