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Concept Design & Planning

We believe in early engagement with home owners, involving them in the design process from start-to-finish. Stallion Projects guides home owners to develop plans as per their individual needs. Our team undertakes the entire DA approval process in consultation with each owner. Upon DA approval, our team co-ordinates with the Structural Engineer and obtains structural drawings. Stallion projects also co-ordinates with Utilities for construction approval. During the planning stage, Stallion projects also guides home owners through material selection including appliances, flooring, bathroom fixtures and fittings and final finishes.

Construction Management

Stallion provides start-to-finish coordination and management services, and works closely with home owners to help make their dream home come true at an affordable price. We also guides home owners through Plumbing, Electrical and Air conditioning works. Stallion Projects also works closely with home owners and nominated private certifiers / inspectors for stage- wise inspection and addresses any queries raised throughout the process.

Procurement and Contract Administration

From the earliest conceptual stages of a project right through to completion and review for quality assurance, we add value with sound procurement, materials management, logistics and contract management on various project delivery models.

Project Updates

We provide regular updates on the project and also organise on site walk through with our customers upon achievement of the milestone. You are not on your own, Stallion projects will support you at every stage of the project and keep you updated on the progress.